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Fire and Rescue Services in White Bluff Resort

May 3rd, 2017 by Emily and Bill Morris

Important Safety Gems in White Bluff

Lake Whitney is very well known. Two White Bluff golf courses are important features. And beautiful homes in a wide range of sizes and prices are evident when you visit this lakefront resort community.  But the fire department is not so obvious to visitors, but very important to residents here.


White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department

Yes, White Bluff has its own very well equipped fire department onsite. Its equipment and training are considered “state of the art” in Hill County. The department frequently assists other area fire departments with house and

Brush fires are much more common than home fires.

brush fires. Home fires in White Bluff are rare, but other emergencies arise and the WBFD is on the spot.

First Responders. 

The department is also well staffed with volunteer First Responders for medical emergencies. They live and work within White Bluff and are available around the clock to assist. They coordinate with nearby Careflight ambulance and helicopter transport teams. White Bluff Security assists with logistics.

Helping an overturned car in White Bluff

WBFD helps neighboring fire departments when needed.


White Bluff Community Support.

Many White Bluff residents — men and women — volunteer time for its fire and rescue service — maintaining the trucks and other equipment in the onsite firehouse, raising funds to support its work and providing backup when needed. The department is a wonderful asset to the White Bluff Resort community.

Many residents come together to back up our Fire Department.

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